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At Toronto Smile Centre, we know many patients are interested in a teeth whitening treatment, so we offer a variety of treatment options to help them achieve their goals safely.
Over-the-counter whitening products and home remedies do not offer the best results, and can damage tooth enamel. In some cases, they can worsen yellow teeth because the tooth enamel is thinned. If you have an undiagnosed cavity, the procedure is very painful and can permanently damage the tooth.

With a professional tooth whitening procedure, however, your dental health is monitored to prevent damage. We will also make sure the whitening process will address your tooth discolouration issues, or whether an alternative treatment would be more effective. With in-house treatments or custom trays from a dentist, you are less likely to have gum irritation or recession caused by the whitening gel. In addition, professional teeth whitening gives more dramatic results, faster.

Whiter Teeth

In-Office or At Home

Lighten teeth safely with a home whitening kit or an in-office teeth whitening treatment. With professional grade whitening agents, you get more noticeably whitened teeth.
In-Office Teeth Whitening Service
For the most dramatic results, and a whiter smile instantly, an in-office treatment delivers. The whitening gel is activated by a blue light for significant whitening.
Home Whitening Kit
Many patients prefer the comfort and convenience of home whitening, so we offer this as an option to still get professional results and whiten safely under the supervision of a dentist.
Complementary or Alternative Treatment Options
For teeth discolourations that cannot be bleached, we offer a range of services such as veneers to help you achieve a whiter smile.
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Accepting New Patients

We are always excited to welcome new patients, or see our loyal ones return. We aim to offer a pleasant teeth whitening experience. We will always take time to answer your questions and address your concerns, and will try to make your visit as comfortable as possible.
Teeth Whitening Toronto Procedure

What to Expect

We provide a dental cleaning and examination, to remove surface deposits and ensure the health of your teeth before progressing. We’ll then consult with you to finalize a treatment plan. At this stage, we’ll discuss with you whether you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, or whether another type of treatment would work better for you, and discuss whether you need any work, such as a filling, before we can schedule our whitening services.

Any required dental work will be completed first. When you’re ready for the whitening, your dentist will either perform the teeth whitening procedure in house, or prepare take-home trays for you. Whether you whiten at home or receive our in-house treatment, we will continue to monitor your dental health. Afterwards, be sure to avoid acidic and coloured foods for at least 48 hours.

Stain Removal

Teeth Whitening Effectiveness

The bleaching agents in the whitening gel that makes teeth white works best on surface stains from deeply coloured food and drink, such as coffee, tea, red wine, or blueberries. It also works well on yellow teeth from smoking. Generally, surface, or extrinsic, stains on the enamel are best treated by teeth whitening services.

There are some discolourations from different causes that teeth whitening won't help, and will require a different treatment to help you achieve a whiter smile. If you have several fillings, crowns, or other restorations, the teeth whitening procedure is not recommended, as the bleaching agent won't work on these restorations.

  • Teeth whitening will not help, and can even aggravate, teeth that have yellowed because the tooth enamel is very thin, and the layer of dentin underneath is showing through.
  • Teeth that are discoloured from health conditions or certain medications also do not respond well to the bleaching agent in teeth whitening products.
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