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If you need emergency dental treatment, Toronto Smile Centre has emergency dentists to help. When a dental emergency occurs, including a broken or knocked out tooth, abscesses, or other serious or extremely painful situations, our emergency dental office can provide the urgent care you need to relieve your pain and prevent your condition from worsening. In some cases, quick treatment can save a tooth.

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For Your Emergency Dental Needs

Toronto Smile Centre conveniently provides emergency dental services in-house to provide both our loyal patients and new ones the care they need for common dental emergencies. Let us know if you need an emergency dental appointment, and we will prioritize it to see you the same day. Our friendly team will guide you on what to do next, and then make you comfortable as we assess and treat your concern.

Emergency Dental Services We Offer

If you are in doubt about whether your situation counts as an emergency, contact us anyway, and we can guide you. If you are in extreme pain at any time, your situation counts as urgent. There are a few common dental emergencies we often see - don't delay treatment if you experience any of these.

Oral Pain or Severe Toothache

Severe pain in your teeth, gums or elsewhere in the mouth, or extreme swelling, should be assessed and treated quickly, not only to relieve dental pain, but also because these may be symptoms of serious concerns.

Trauma and Bleeding

Broken, loose, or knocked-out teeth require emergency care. With a quick response, the tooth may be able to be saved. This includes crowns and fillings that are loose or have fallen out, and damaged dentures. Soft tissue injuries and bleeding also need to be examined.

Failing Dental Implants

If a dental implant has become loose, you have numbness or tingling sensations in your jaw, or it has become painful, see your dentist right away. Signs of allergic reactions, while rare, include swelling, canker sores, bumps, and other irritations, and are also considered a dental emergency.

Abscessed Tooth

A tooth abscess or severe infection can be life threatening. Severe pain, bumps or cysts, swelling, fever, and a bad taste are common symptoms. If not treated, the infection can spread into your jaw and further.

Root Canal Treatment

If the dental pulp inside the chambers of your tooth roots become infected, a root canal procedure is needed as soon as possible to prevent needing a tooth extraction and the infection from spreading.
Emergency Dentist Toronto | Patient with oral pain and toothache

Are You Having a Dental Emergency?

There are other situations, in addition to the above cases, that constitute a dental emergency. Whether you have extreme tooth pain, dental trauma, swelling, bleeding, bumps, cysts or a tooth abscess, especially if accompanied with a fever, or another unknown situation causing you pain, let the friendly team at Toronto Smile Centre help. If in doubt, call us.

What To Do Until You Receive Dental Treatment

If you need immediate treatment, call us right away and let us know. We make every effort to see you right away, on the same day. It's important to be assessed and treated as soon as possible, to relieve pain, prevent deterioration, and potentially save a tooth.

Until your emergency dental appointment, unless we advise you not to, you can take over-the-counter painkillers, or ease your pain with warm salt water rinses or a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling. Moderately bleeding gums or injuries can be cleaned with warm salt water. Applying gauze with pressure will help reduce more severe bleeding.

Prevention of Dental Emergencies

Regular cleanings and checkups reduce your risks of tooth decay, gum disease, and infection, and allow for any issues to be treated before emergency dental care is needed.

Dental emergencies can still happen, so the Toronto Smile Centre is proud to offer emergency dental services and same-day treatments if at all possible, to help patients in need. We will try to save your tooth if we can, and perform other restorative treatments for your oral health.

If You Have a Chipped or Broken Tooth

With a chipped or broken tooth, seek emergency treatment as soon as possible. If it is treated within two hours, your dentist may be able to reattach the piece. Rinse the area gently with salt water to clean it.

If you can find the broken piece, place it in a clean container with milk, saline or saliva and take it to the emergency dental care clinic. If possible, you can also place the tooth back in the socket.

Comprehensive Emergency Dentistry Services at Toronto Smile Centre

At Toronto Smile Centre, we understand that dental emergencies can happen at any time, and we are here to provide comprehensive emergency dentistry services to address your needs. Whether you require a more relaxed dental experience with Sedation Dentistry in Toronto during your emergency dental treatment or specialized procedures like Bone & Gum Grafting in Toronto to ensure the best possible outcome, our experienced team is dedicated to your well-being. And for all your dental emergencies and ongoing dental care, our trusted Dentist in Toronto is here to provide you with the highest quality of care and support.

Contact Us Today For Emergency and Other Dental Services

Always feel free to give Toronto Smile Centre a call, so we can help and guide you. If in doubt, call immediately. We will schedule you an emergency appointment, and coach you on your next steps and what to do until your appointment. We will relieve your pain, and make you comfortable, and address any urgent issues to prevent further damage. Thorough diagnostics will be conducted to make sure we are fully addressing your issue and that there are no secondary issues. We will also consult with you to determine a treatment plan.


What constitutes a dental emergency?

If you have severe pain, swelling, trauma, bleeding, loose or knocked-out teeth, or signs of infection like an abscessed tooth, these are considered dental emergencies.

What should I do if I have a chipped or broken tooth?

Seek emergency treatment immediately. If treated within two hours, the dentist might reattach the broken piece. Rinse with salt water and, if possible, save the broken piece in milk, saline, or saliva to bring to the dentist.

Can a failing dental implant be an emergency?

Yes. Signs like looseness, numbness, tingling, pain, or allergic reactions such as swelling or canker sores should be addressed immediately.

What are the preventive measures for dental emergencies?

Regular cleanings and check-ups can reduce risks of decay, gum disease, and infection, which helps in preventing dental emergencies.
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