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Replace Missing Teeth

Natural-Looking Bridges to Restore Function

A dental bridge is an excellent option for patients who are missing teeth. They are also referred to as fixed bridges or fixed partial dentures. At Toronto Smile Centre, we offer bridges as treatment options for these patients.

A dental bridge restores the look and function of your mouth, by filling the gap left behind to make it easier to talk and chew. It also prevents the remaining teeth from shifting towards the gap, which leads to further oral health issues. Dental bridges can replace one or more teeth.

Dental bridges are very comfortable, and don't shift, unlike dentures, because they are cemented onto your teeth or dental implants. They also don't need to be removed to clean. You care for them the same way as regular teeth. They can be made of a variety of materials, including porcelain or other tooth coloured materials, for a natural look.

A Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge fills a gap created by missing teeth. They are a set of false teeth supported by two or more crowns or dental implants. The bridge is attached to the crowns placed on your natural teeth or dental implants on each side or the dental implants.

Dental bridges come in a variety of different materials. You can have tooth coloured materials, such as porcelain, acrylic, ceramics, zirconium, or composite materials, which are good for a more natural appearance, especially for front teeth. Porcelain fused to metal offers the natural look of porcelain, but with the added strength of metal.

A temporary bridge is used to help you manage until your custom, permanent bridge is ready. These are usually acrylic. We will discuss the best options for your permanent bridge at your initial consultation.

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Restore Function

Dental Insurance Coverage

A dental bridge is a great solution to missing teeth, preventing future, costly oral health concerns, and making speaking and eating easier - as well as filling in the appearance of your gap. Many dental insurance policies cover this type of restoration at least partially. At Toronto Smile Centre, we can coordinate with your insurance company to make it easier for you.
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Should You Get a Dental Bridge?

The Dental Bridge Advantage

There are many reasons why patients choose dental bridges. They fill in a visible gap created by a missing tooth or several missing teeth, matching your other teeth, so other people will never know you had a gap. In addition, there are several oral health benefits.
Improve Function
Eating and speaking with a gap can be quite difficult, but a dental bridge will make it easier again. Because they are secured, they are less likely to shift compared to dentures.
Maintain Oral Health
By filling in your gap, a dental bridge prevents your other teeth from shifting, which creates spacing issues and can lead to loss of bone mass and potentially losing more teeth, and other growing oral health concerns.
Convenient, Easy Care
Dental bridges require no special care other than good oral hygiene, such as regular brushing and dental checkups. They don't need to be taken out at night to sleep, so they are very convenient.

What to Expect

Procedure for Dental Bridges Toronto
You will need two appointments - an initial consultation and placement of the permanent bridge - plus follow up appointments. Our friendly team will make you feel comfortable, and answer any questions you have. The process is straightforward, and a good option for those who prefer not to undergo oral surgery to replace missing teeth.

First Appointment

For the first appointment, we start with an initial consultation to discuss a treatment plan. A mould of your teeth will be made for a custom made bridge. The teeth adjacent to the gap, or abutment teeth, are shaved down very slightly to accommodate the dental crowns. A temporary bridge is placed to last you until the next appointment.

Second Appointment

When your custom made dental bridge is ready, your dentist will confirm a good fit, and then bond the dental crowns onto the adjacent teeth. The bridge is attached to these crowns and should fill the gap.

Follow-Up Visits

Your dentist may need you to schedule additional checkups to ensure your dental bridge fits well and is functioning properly. With proper care, bridges should last for many years, but regular dental checkups help.
Bridges for Individual Needs

Types of Bridges

Your dentist will use one of the types of dental bridges available, depending on your individual situation. Traditional bridges, or fixed bridges, are most common. Fixed bridges are attached to two dental crowns on the adjacent teeth. Other types may be used as necessary.

  • Maryland bridges may be used where the gap is more visible, because the frame is attached to the back surface of the teeth.
  • Cantilever bridges are used when there is only one tooth beside the gap to attach to.
  • Implant supported bridges, or implant bridges, are the same as traditional ones but are affixed to dental implants instead of dental crowns on natural teeth.
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Comprehensive Restorative Dental Care at Toronto Smile Centre

At Toronto Smile Centre, our commitment to restoring and enhancing your smile is evident in the wide range of restorative dental services we offer. While dental bridges provide a reliable solution for replacing missing teeth, we also specialize in other essential treatments. If you have teeth that are damaged or decayed, our Dental Crowns in Toronto serve as protective caps, preserving the integrity of your teeth and ensuring their longevity. For minor cavities or to replace old amalgam fillings, our White Fillings in Toronto offer a discreet and durable solution. And if you're in search of a trusted dental professional, our Dentist in Toronto is dedicated to providing top-notch care for all your dental needs.

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