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Dental Treatment for Infected Tooth Roots

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy Toronto | Patient having root canal treatment

If the soft tissues, or pulp, inside the root canal area of a tooth become infected, the infected nerve, blood vessels, and tissue needs to be cleaned out. This is done through an endodontic treatment known as root canal therapy. Two treatments may be necessary, with a temporary filling placed after the first visit, and a permanent filling after the second, to protect and strengthen the treated area. This procedure can save the tooth and prevent infection from spreading further, which causes bone loss and other oral health issues.

The pulp tissue can become infected when bacteria is able to reach it through cavities or tooth cracks. Symptoms that suggest a root canal treatment may be necessary include a grey, black or brown colour to the tooth, severe tooth pain and sensitivity, and gums that are red and swollen. You may even notice pus or abscesses. See a dentist immediately if you notice these signs. At Toronto Smile Centre, we offer root canal treatment options to help our patients become pain free and save their teeth.

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Treating Infected Root Canals

Benefits of Root Canal Treatments

Although some patients wonder whether it is easier to have a tooth extraction, there are many benefits to having root canal therapy and saving the tooth. A root canal treatment prevents tooth loss and bone mass loss, stops infection, and is better for other oral health reasons.

Go Pain Free

Is a root canal painful? With anesthetic, any discomfort is minimized, and sedation is available to make the root canal procedure more pleasant. On the other hand, patients who have undergone root canal therapy notice a nearly immediate relief of pain. Any soreness can be managed with over the counter painkillers and ease after a few days. Infected tooth roots are painful, and only get worse.

Natural Tooth Advantage

Saving a tooth, where possible, is better for your oral health, and is most comfortable for you. The tooth roots provide bone support and stimulation to maintain bone mass, and you don't need to look at tooth replacement options to maintain spacing and prevent teeth from shifting.

Prevent Spreading Infection

In addition to relieving pain and saving the affected tooth, root canal procedures stop the infection from spreading to other teeth, gums, and throughout the mouth into the cheeks and the rest of the face, requiring an emergency dental visit. It can even become systemic and life threatening.

What to Expect

Root Canal Procedure

A local anesthetic is used to minimize discomfort. Your oral surgeon will make a small opening in the tooth to access the root canals, and then carefully clear out the pulp chamber with fine instruments. An antibacterial rinse is then applied. If a second visit is needed to fully clean the area, a temporary filling will seal the hole. After the root canals are fully treated, a permanent filling is placed to protect the tooth. You may need to return again for a dental crown to protect the tooth even more.

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Root Canal Therapy Toronto | Root canal treatment aftercare
After a Root Canal Treatment


The area will be sensitive for a few days; you can take over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicine to help. Avoid using the affected tooth until your permanent filling and dental crown are placed. Follow your dentist's recommendations to prevent any issues. Continue to use good oral hygiene, and schedule regular dental checkups to prevent future issues.

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After Your Root Canal Treatment

When to Contact Your Dentist Again

While a root canal treatment has a high success rate of 95%, in rare cases, further treatment is needed. You can expect some tenderness for a few days, which should be manageable with over-the-counter painkillers, but excessive pain or prolonged sensitivity and swelling should be checked out. A root canal retreatment may be necessary. The surgeon will check for cracked tooth roots or other issues, and will remove any portions of the root or surrounding bone that can't be cleaned.

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Do You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

Symptoms of Root Canal Infection

If you have symptoms of tooth decay or infected pulp tissue, contact a dentist immediately, for the best chances of saving the tooth and preventing infection from spreading.

  • Extreme pain in the teeth or sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Red, swollen gums, or pus and abscesses, especially with symptoms of a fever
  • Some patients don't experience symptoms. Regular checkups are important to diagnose an issue before it becomes painful and severe.

Comprehensive Dental Solutions at Toronto Smile Centre

At Toronto Smile Centre, we understand the importance of comprehensive dental care, and that's why we offer a wide range of restorative dental services to address various oral health issues. While root canal therapy is a crucial treatment for saving teeth affected by deep infections, we also specialize in other essential procedures. For minor cavities or to replace old amalgam fillings, our White Fillings in Toronto provide a discreet and durable solution. If you're dealing with missing teeth, our Dental Bridges in Toronto offer a reliable way to restore your smile. And for all your dental needs, our dedicated Dentist in Toronto is here to provide top-quality care and support.

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